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"The Butterfly's Burden" - Company | E and the artists of the Sabreen Music School and the dancers of Palestine.
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The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Company | E in Machu Picchu, Peru Company | E in the Nature Reserve of Tambopata, Peru The images from Tambopata, Peru Company | E in Machu Picchu, Peru

Every beginning is unique. For Company | E the beginning was at the ending of another adventure of many years -- the folding of CityDance Ensemble, the founding of Company | E. We went to bed on June 22nd as CityDance and awoke, in the small city of Piura, Peru, as Company | E, and launched on an adventure into the remote Rain Forest of Tambopata and the transcendent landscape of Machu Picchu. Two films, countless images from these great encounters with nature and with the cities of Lima and Huancayo.

An incredible beginning to a journey which continues today.


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