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Company | E is a contemporary repertory dance company. We have, since our summer 2011 founding been fortunate to work with an extraordinary range of choreographers, from some of the world's most famous, like Paul Taylor and Ohad Naharin, to brilliant artists creating celebrated work in their home countries, like Thomas Noone of Spain and Lydia Wos of Sweden. Through our NEXT concert series, in which we partner with the Diplomatic Missions of many nations to create evening-length programs in Washington, DC we have brought Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar and Yossi Berg and Oded Graf from Israel, Mr. Noone from Spain, Robert Bondara from Poland and other remarkable talents from afar.

At home the Company is devoted to developing and celebrating the art of its own artists, and those of the United States. From Dance Magazine Top 25 to Watch's Joshuah Peugh to Princess Grace Fellowship Award Winner Loni Landon to Gugenheim Fellow Kate Weare, Company | E has long spotted talent on the cusp of national recognition and brought that talent to Washington to create on the dancers of the Company.

The artists of Company | E have been awarded three Kennedy Center Local Dance Commissions since 2009. Jason Garcia Ignacio, Paul Gordon Emerson and Robert J. Priore have each found a voice under the Kennedy Center.

Now, as the Company enters a new period in its art, the choreographic talent of the Company itself is taking us to new places and recognition, with evening-length projects created by the entire troupe, and with a focus and commitment to original scores from Composer-in-Residence Gavin Stewart and other remarkable musical voices.

Taken together the choreographers of Company | E, from the first commission of Danielle Agami in 2011 to the recent programs with Ms. Wos and Mr. Bondara and Mr. Priore's evening-length "Speak Easy," and projects with the chreographers of Colombia and Cuba reflect a vision and a mission of art beyond boundaries and category.


Danielle Agami (2011) - Israel
Yossi Berg and Oded Graf (2012) - Israel
Robert Bondara (2016 - Present) - Poland
Marco Cantalupo and Katarzina Gdaniec (2012) - Switzerland
Alicia Canterna (2011- Present) - Washington, DC
Gregory Dolbashian (2011) - New York
Paul Gordon Emerson (2011- Present) - Washington, DC
Rachel Erdos (2011 - Present) - Israel
Sharon Eyal | Gai Behar (2012) - Israel
Ludovic Jolivet (2006 - Present) - France
Roni Koresh (2012) - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Loni Landon (2011) - New York
Andrea Miller (2012) - New York


Ohad Naharin (2012) - Israel
Alex Neoral (2009) - Brazil
Pola Nirenska (2015) - Poland | Washington, DC
Thomas Noone (2013) - Spain
Vanessa Owen (2014 - Present) - Washington, DC
Joshua L. Peugh (2015) - Houston, Texas
Kathryn Sydell Pilkington (2009 - Present) - Washington, DC
Robert J. Priore (2011 - Present) - Washington, DC
Kyoko Ruch (2014 - 2017) - Washington, DC
Gavin Stewart (2014 - Present) - Washington, DC
Paul Taylor (2009 - 2013) - New York
Kate Weare (2009 - 2012) - New York
Lidia Wos - (2015 - Present) - Sweden | Poland

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