Innovation. It lies at the heart of art. Now technological advances in processing, capture and display are making a revolution in experiental art possible. Company | E is at the forefront of that revolution. Working in partnership with leading technologists in North America and programming partners at the U.S. Department of State, the Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Festival and the U.S. Pavillion at Dubai World Expo, and funding partner the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities,  the Company is creating a suite of new works that take the possibilities of A | R to their fullest.         

U.S. Department of State Dubai World Expo 2022 Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation


Augmented Reality is most commonly thought of as the Pokemon Go! pop-up characters, or as the App-based technology which lets you try out your couch in your living room on your phone before you buy it.   

Those two types are marker-based and marker-less. Marker-based AR use a Marker -- usually a QR code -- to trigger an action or event. Until recently, those actions have been largely static and/or low resolution. Scan a QR code next to a Rembrandt and get a 3D image of the painter and his bio floating in space.  But the technology is maturing, and photo-realistic movement is coming on the scene. That's core to what Company | E is doing. 

Marker-less AR is often GPS and accelerometer-based -- think Pokemon Go creatures that pop up in the park. The tech uses your Smart Phone's processor, GPS, camera and clock to choose where and when to display a small-file-size Pokemon critter. The key here is small file size.  Datas transfer from the Cloud to your device is one of the most serious bottlenecks in AR.   In both these instances an image is overlayed on real-world surroundings.

That GPS feature is also relevant to the next generation of work from the Company.  Building on advancements in capture resolution, rendering, data compression and transfer, Company | 's upcoming projects extend the amount of time an AR experience can last, create fully photo-realistic renderings and add Spatial Audio to the user experience. 


 Instead of a short "promo" style experience, LONG FORM AR creates entire full-length experiences of 10 minutes or, in time, more. New breakthrough's in data transfer will make the user-experience instantaneous.  

HOW IT WORKS - "A|Re You There"

The Pearl Diver's Daughter... steps in the evolution of Augmented Reality in the performing arts.

In 2021 and 2022 Company | E and its partners in the UAE and Canada unveil the first LONG FORM AR project, "The Pearl Diver's Daughter. A work which is both a stand-alone AR Experience and a Mixed Reality live concert, the project premieres as a part of Dubai World Expo 2021/2022.       



Augmented Reality

Expanding the possibiltiies for performance across the world. Company | E's deep dive into Augmented and Mixed Reality. 


Company | E Movement Center for Dance Education

"The MC builds and supports whole-child learning...instilling the values of self-discipline and team building."
   - Roseanna B. MC Parent

The Company | E Movement Center for Dance Education teaches the next generation both the technique and the joy of movement.



WARMER - Concerts on Climate Change

Since 2007 Company E has been commissioning work from artists around the world speaking to the Climate Crisis.  

"An important thought-partner as we head towards the Center's 50th Anniversary"

"...exactly the kind of work we had imagined when creating the Performances for Young Audiences series, elegantly combining multiple art forms including modern dance, classical music, storytelling, visual arts, and theater."

-- David Kilpatrick, Director, Education Programs and Productions. The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.