Russia's war against Ukraine has caused incalculable suffering. This program is designed to create financial support for Ukraine's artists, both those still in country and those forced to flee.

It is designed to give voice to a nation through its artists.

The ongoing program commissions Ukrainian performing artists to Create Art. Sometimes this is in partnership with the Company, as in the case of the artists discussed below. Most often it is to fund independent works in Ukraine or wherever the artists choose.

None of the funds raised are used for administrative expense or for Company E artists. 100% of the funds raised go to directly to the Ukrainian artists. Company E absorbs all the organization's expenses in order to maximize the monies raised.

The program seeks to create as many commissions as possible. The minimum grant is $2,500 per commission.

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What has the program created so far?

Choreographer/dancer Anastasiia Kharchenko was forced to flee her hometown of Irpin with her family when Russia invaded. She had to emigrate, away from her family, to the United Kindgom to have the opportunity to work, to earn an income for those she left behind, and to speak to what is happening to her country.

In her commission, she chose to focus on the power of love and the need for human connection, creating "Fantasy of Touch."

Choreographer/dancer Vladyslav Detiuchenko created "Mariupol" alongside composer Ivan Harkusha and filmmaker Andrii Moskalenko. 

In additional to the live stage work which premiered in Washington, DC in June 2022, Moskalenko and Detiuchenko created a documentary taking the audience both behind-the-creative-curtain but also into the horror of Russia's invasion, and, ultimately occupation of, Mariupol.

The task now is to continue to create opportunities for the exceptional artists of Ukraine. What they have to say is vital to hear, and creating an economic pathway for them to make art the world must see is essential.

Your support is essential to make this possible

The inaugural commissions debuted in Washington, DC in June 2022. They funded:

    - Mariupol by Vladyslav Detiuchenko ($2,500)
    - Fantasy of Touch by Anastasiia Kharchenko ($2,500)
    - An original Score to Mariupol by Ivan Harkusha ($2,000)
    - Translation services by a Ukrainian translator ($1,300)
    - Studio Rental in Ukraine($500)
    - An original documentary filmon the making of Mariupol, by Andrii Moskalenko ($450)

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Company E is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization based in the District of Columbia. All donations are fully tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

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